Pokemon Resolute Gba [Hack] Download

Pokemon Resolute Gba Rom Download

This is another popular hack version of pokemon rom.  This is called pokemon resolute gba. One of the best pokemon game you can play on your ios gameboy advance emulator gba4ios 2.0 or 2.1. You can download the rom directly from this website and play on your gba emulator.

You know that this is a hack version of pokemon emerald, which is a great game from pokemon series. Not heard about emerald? Not played yet? Check out the old post and download pokemon emerald for gba emulator.

And this pokemon game is under Monster RPG category and developed by wind1158. This can be played on your gameboy advance emulator, which is first released in January 2013.  The pokemon Victory fire is pretty related to pokemon resolute. You can also check pokemon victory fire gba game here if you want to play it on gba4ios.

pokemon resolute gba

Now you know all the things about pokemon resolute gba, and i am here adding the download link to the pokemon game. Download this zip file and load it to your emulator. If you dont have emulator you can also download it from here.


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This is a patched version of gba pokemon resolute, the language is in english version 2.72. It has mega evolution. In the next post i will write about the pokemon resolute gba cheats for gba4ios emulator. Till then enjoy playing pokemon games. If you want list of pokemon hacked games check this link.

The resolute version has added many features to the pokemon game. Some of the major features includes new gyms, new regions, mega evolution and pokemon generations 4 5 6 etc…

Pokemon Resolute Gba GamePlay

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